June Most Played


The month of June has been a very make-up-free one.


I have almost never worn foundation, only concealer, and not everyday, thanks to a brand new skincare routine, this time a solid one.

A huge part in this routine is played by Robert’s Rose Water, which is a toner. I use it every morning before cream and every night after having removed my make up.
I wore foundation only a couple of days, when I had to go to Milan, and I always reached for Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation in 200, which is exactly my skin tone. It’s definitely not a heavy foundation, but it tends to get a bit orange-y after 6/7 hours.

My eye make up was focused on green tones, mostly provided by Sleek‘s Garden of Eden palette. My hazel eyes suit perfectly with these tones. Another eye make up item is Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake in Mislead, a matte black shade. It’s not so easy yo use, but once you learn the trick it’ll be you best friend.

Last but not the least, E.l.f. Studio Matt Lip Colour in Coral. I don’t like this colour at all, it’s too cool for my skin tone and it wrinkles within hours. Could I go back in time, I’d buy a darker shade, probably the dark red.

This post is part of the Team Most Played, from an idea by Chiara. If you want to know more about us, click here!

Which products are your most played? Do you love any of them? Are you using one product just to get rid of it?



One thought on “June Most Played

  1. tizy1289 says:

    Oddio, la Garden of Eden ❤
    Ho ricomprato l'acqua di rose dopo tanti, tanti anni e la sto adorando: da piccola mamma me la metteva nell'acqua quando dovevo fare il bagno e mi sentivo una principessa!


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