Motivation Monday #4


Organizing the first holiday all on my own (jk, I had a little help) was a huge fatigue. Not stressing, but I felt so emptied the night before. There was nothing else that I could possibly do to make it even better.

When you’re reading these lines, I’m heading back to may home town, my short voyage is already gone. You’ll get the pictures, I promise.


But, one thing motivated me: this gallery on Pinterest! It is just amazing and refreshing and, man, have I packed it all?


Biscuits from My Heart

A very quick post today, because I’m on holiday in Florence and I’ve been terribly busy this month. I had to juggle between study hours, work, my private life, and a bit of blogging. Guess what was left out?
I’m sorry.

Anyway, today we’re talking about one of my first biscuit experiments.IMG_5120

I tried to do some chocolate pastafrolla (shortcrust pastry, really the Italian name in this case is so better!) biscuits.

I found the recipe online, on an Italian cooking website, but all in all it is flour, butter, eggs, icing sugar and cocoa powder. You mix them in the correct order and you get a not-so-soft ball of chocolate dough.

After half an hour in the fridge, you can take it off, flatten it with a rolling pin and then with some molds you give it the shape you like the most. I chose hearts, because it was a very important anniversary.

Then, 20/30 minutes in the oven at 180°C. And here they are!


I put some more icing sugar, just to avoid the total brown look.

I hope you’ll try them too!
And tell me if you have any yummy recipe to try!

How to colour your life


A bit of an inspirational post, today, because I found those old pens, from Stabilo, and I decided to use them to customize my planner (a binder, to be precise).

I simply liked the sight of so many lovely colours, together, ready to brighten my boring planning.

Aaand, in less than 5 days it will be vacation time for me! Finally!

Reaging Recap


I had a goal: reading a very very long list of books. A month has passed, how good was I at it?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – W.Shakespeare (rereading)

Frankenstein – M.Shelley (rereading)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (rereading)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle – S.Jackson (I just started it!)

Winter’s Tales – K.Blixen

Martian Time-Slip – P.K.Dick

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – P.K.Dick

The Famished Road – B.Okri

The Hobbit – J.R.R.Tolkien

A Game of Thrones – G.R.R.Martin

Interview with the Vampire – A.Rice (rereading)

Madame Bovary – G.Flaubert

Tintenherz – C.Funke

Tintenblut – C.Funke

Le Bal – I.Némirovsky

Not very good, but I hoped for something better. I have to read harder, if it’s possible.

How is your summer reading going?

Would it be alright by you, if I degreenify you? – Elphaba Thropp Inspired Make Up

I already posted this look on my Italian blog {here}, so if you want to read the poetical introduction to the look, I’d suggest to look right there. There’s no time for chatting here.

This is my Elphaba-inspired make up, with even a black t-shirt and a pointed hat that I forgot to wear, but I own it. This was for a contest, which I unluckily didn’t win, but that’s fine.


I didn’t greenefy myself because I didn’t want to look exactly like Elphaba. That’s why the eye makeup is totally focused on different hues of green, a dark deep green, an electric one, a transition light green and so on. There’s a little of gold in the lower lash line, to remind of the yellow brick road.

I tried a bit of contouring, I wanted to look a little like Idina, but I have got no cheekbone, so it’s really hard for me to contour well. I have lo learn how.

The lips are red, just as in the official poster, and because I thought that a matte red lipstick suits the Wicked Witch of the West.

What do you think of my make up? Who’s your favourite Wicked character? Glinda, Elphie or Fiyero? Or Nessa, Boq, Madame Morrible, the Wizard, Doctor Dillamond, simply everyone?


List of Products:

Maybelline Fit Me 130 (about 12€), Elf Clarifying Powder in Light Beige (1.95£), Elf Bronzer in Sun Kissed (2£), Kiko Soft Touch Blush 108 (7.50€)

Kiko Eye Base Primer (6.90€), Sleek Tree of LifeAdam’s AppleFlora (from the Garden of Eden) (9.99€), Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow 260, 213 (4.90€ each), Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake in Mislead (15.50£), Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil 400 (4.20€), Debby  Volum’Experience mascara *, False Lashes from an unkown lowcost brand (less than 3€)

Astra Jumbo Lipstick 03 (3€)

Guilty Pleasures ♥ One

We all have those guilty pleasures, don’t we? Someone might adore eating Nutella directly from the jar, or watching TV series ’till very late in the night. I do one of these two, but which one? You’ll find it out down there!

  • I do eat Nutella from the jar with a table spoon, mainly when I’m tired or I’m in that part of the month when I could kill a person with my bare hands.
  • I’m not a serial organizer, in fact I’m really messy, but I have a perfectly neat Filofax, which is a feast for the eyes.
  • I watch episodes from my favourites series more than once, or twice, I actually watch the very best when I’ve nothing else to do.
  • I can swim kinda good (I actually teach swimming), but I’d rather lay on water for minutes doing nothing.
  • I love talking with really small kids, like two years old, because they make me smile.
  • Peeling off my nail polish is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • I love reading before going to bed, but sometimes my Kobo (hello, e-readers fans!) tumbles right on my face. And that means it’s time to sleep.
  • I can speak four languages (Italian, English, German and French), but still I want to learn more, and I spend hours watching Youtube videos in other languages, like Dutch or Danish or Norwegian.
  • Before every new Harry Potter release, I used to re-read the whole saga for continuity’s sake.
  • Colourful swim caps are my latest obsession!

One of my favourites series ever. 😀

Have you any guilty pleasure? Tell me yours!

Motivation Monday #3

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to fail everything I do and I simply stop doing it. That’s the worst feeling in the world.

With this blog, I had an unsteady start, so I want to keep on track and be a better blogger, but I’m not starting over. Not this time.

Found on We Heart It

Found on We Heart It

The Fastest Scrub in the World – Sephora Express Body Scrub & Mask

I thought summer was coming. I was terribly wrong.

Here in Northern Italy we’re dealing with terrible thunderstorms and constant rain.

In May, when I was starting waiting for summer, I decided to buy a body scrub, and I found a pretty good deal at Sephora, with the Express body scrub & mask.IMG_5096 

It is a 200ml tube and I got it for less than 10€, actually 9.90 or something like this.

What is so special about a body scrub? Well, this one can be doubled up as a body mask. And, for those who are always in a hurry like me, the mask’s action takes only one million to be effective. One minute, before shower. Come on, it’s so fast!

It has a thick, dry texture, not a very creamy one, and the scrubbing specks are almost imperceptible, but they work, and this scrub/mask is really easy to remove from your body. I use it especially on my legs, because these are the parts of my body that I might – perhaps, if Sun decides to stop hiding – show during summertime.

But this product is not 100% perfect. One of the cons is related to cleaning your shower, since it gets really dry on every surface and it can be a little tricky to be removed.

Another one is that it has not a wonderfully sweet smell, instead it’s a rather salty one, and it doesn’t taste really good (don’t try this at home!).

All in all, this is a very interesting product, it does a little bit of magic, and it’s quite cheap.

If you can, try it!

Here, for all the INCI addicted… IMG_5099