The Fastest Scrub in the World – Sephora Express Body Scrub & Mask

I thought summer was coming. I was terribly wrong.

Here in Northern Italy we’re dealing with terrible thunderstorms and constant rain.

In May, when I was starting waiting for summer, I decided to buy a body scrub, and I found a pretty good deal at Sephora, with the Express body scrub & mask.IMG_5096 

It is a 200ml tube and I got it for less than 10€, actually 9.90 or something like this.

What is so special about a body scrub? Well, this one can be doubled up as a body mask. And, for those who are always in a hurry like me, the mask’s action takes only one million to be effective. One minute, before shower. Come on, it’s so fast!

It has a thick, dry texture, not a very creamy one, and the scrubbing specks are almost imperceptible, but they work, and this scrub/mask is really easy to remove from your body. I use it especially on my legs, because these are the parts of my body that I might – perhaps, if Sun decides to stop hiding – show during summertime.

But this product is not 100% perfect. One of the cons is related to cleaning your shower, since it gets really dry on every surface and it can be a little tricky to be removed.

Another one is that it has not a wonderfully sweet smell, instead it’s a rather salty one, and it doesn’t taste really good (don’t try this at home!).

All in all, this is a very interesting product, it does a little bit of magic, and it’s quite cheap.

If you can, try it!

Here, for all the INCI addicted… IMG_5099


3 thoughts on “The Fastest Scrub in the World – Sephora Express Body Scrub & Mask

  1. Maestra Caffeina says:

    Ciao cara ^-^ tralasciando le chiacchiere sul tempo che mi sale la bile (qua comunque ieri e oggi s’è mostrato un sole-sole, tu solisoli?)… ti ho taggata nell’ultimo post :3


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