Guilty Pleasures ♥ One

We all have those guilty pleasures, don’t we? Someone might adore eating Nutella directly from the jar, or watching TV series ’till very late in the night. I do one of these two, but which one? You’ll find it out down there!

  • I do eat Nutella from the jar with a table spoon, mainly when I’m tired or I’m in that part of the month when I could kill a person with my bare hands.
  • I’m not a serial organizer, in fact I’m really messy, but I have a perfectly neat Filofax, which is a feast for the eyes.
  • I watch episodes from my favourites series more than once, or twice, I actually watch the very best when I’ve nothing else to do.
  • I can swim kinda good (I actually teach swimming), but I’d rather lay on water for minutes doing nothing.
  • I love talking with really small kids, like two years old, because they make me smile.
  • Peeling off my nail polish is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • I love reading before going to bed, but sometimes my Kobo (hello, e-readers fans!) tumbles right on my face. And that means it’s time to sleep.
  • I can speak four languages (Italian, English, German and French), but still I want to learn more, and I spend hours watching Youtube videos in other languages, like Dutch or Danish or Norwegian.
  • Before every new Harry Potter release, I used to re-read the whole saga for continuity’s sake.
  • Colourful swim caps are my latest obsession!

One of my favourites series ever. 😀

Have you any guilty pleasure? Tell me yours!


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