Back to School – Step Two: Make Up Essentials

When travelling to Milan in order to go to the long lessons I’m attending, I never fail to have this little purse with me. It’s from Camomilla (from a past collection, I couldn’t find it even online) and it’s really small, and handy, and cute.


What do I carry with me?

Only the essential. Nothing more, nothing less.



Travelling by train during winter is always a challenge. You’ll never know whether you’ll sit or not, whether it’s going to be hella hot or more likely an Arendelle-after-Elsa-run-away temperature. The part of my body which suffers the most is surely my hands; they’re not usually dry, but when it’s cold outside they start screaming “Moisturise us!”. When it happens, I take the Neutrogena Hand Cream and the Nail and Cuticle Butter Stick from Essence; they magically re-hydrate my poor hands.

When it comes to sanitising them before eating (I feel gross when I don’t), I use one random hand-sanitiser, the one I’m currently using.



Sometimes I get up late. Those days are terrible, no good day, but if I manage to sit down on the train I can at least try and look like a normal person. I usually conceal my dark circles and blemishes with the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (I have to buy a new one these days), then I put on a bit of colour with Essence Matt Cream Blush Floral Glam from the Guerilla Gardening TE. Then I apply the Eyebrow mascara from the same TE, My Piece of Land, so as to frame my eyes. Now I look more like a normal person.



Last but not the least, I might try to apply mascara (this one is an old one from Avon I’m trying to finish) and do a bit of a smoky eyes and/or a kind of eyeliner with Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 04 (a Golden Brown, or something like that).



Three essentials: a lip butter, a My Lips But Better, and a berry colour. I usually go for the Yes To Carrots Lip Butter which tastes like berry. I always carry with me MAC Cosmo, the perfect MLBB. It goes with every eye make up I wear, simply perfect. The berry colour is L’Oréal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in Miss Cherry. It’s a cold, dark red colour, which can be applied lightly for just a touch of colour, or with more applications for a fuller colour, which I adore.


What are your essentials in your make up purse? Do you have one?


Let’s celebrate!


Today is a very important day for me.
Since I live in Italy, I’m already legally adult, but it’s my 21st birthday. And I’ll celebrate anyway!

On Pinterest I found some strange, but cool, ideas, but I’ll stick to something classier for my virtual celebration. After all, I’m fabulous.

21st bday




Back to School – Step One: Notebooks

Four days ’till university begins. Again. Third year, three yet to come, two degrees to come, lots of exams to pass. Five, for the moment.

I’m starting this year with a different attitude towards study. I’m getting more and more organised and I can easily manage multiple reading (I mean, we all must read so many books, like three at a time).Petals

I bought from Amazon a Filofax Pocket with some big, red flowers on it (you can find it here, on, where I bought it from, or here, from, provided with 2014 and 2015 refills. It’s small, very small, and very useful. It’s light and goes in any bag I own, even the summer-y ones, those little purses where your cellphone does not perfectly fit.


From Tiger I got those wonderful notebooks with stunning patterns on them. To be honest, my favourite is the Periodic Table one. It’s just so funny and still very scientific, not so much hipster-y and still cool.

I bought pens, pencils, highlighters and so forth. I still have to buy transit pass. So annoying.

Decluttering Motivation




I’m planning a huge re-organisation of my room. Lately I don’t feel like my room really fits me. Too little space for my clothes, a wall that should be better organised, a couple of thing to be rearranged.

So, after the last exam of my second year of university (5 exams only to my first degree, I’m nervous!) I absolutely want to move a couple of items. No adding, just moving.

When I’m done I’ll show you all the little changes I’ve made.

For now, the decluttering process has started.

Hello September

Finally, summer’s almost over. Truth is, here in Northern Italy we have had very little sunny and summer-y days, so we won’t notice much difference.

Anyway, it is September. It is my birthday month. And a very busy schedule is about to start (1)

So I just wanted to collect all of the posts from last month here, in a little recap.

I wrote a lot of Motivation Monday, like the one with the checklist one or the one about starting over. I feel that this kind of post really makes me feel better, inspired and motivated. But the very best one is surely the one about my vacations, that finally came! I have to write about them, just give me a little time… I was really into inspirational posts, with my coloured pens and some guilty pleasures.

Talking about make up, or rather body care, I wrote a little review about a Sephora Scrub, it’s worth giving it a try! It helped much my skin! And, talking about skin types, I avoided greenifying with this Elphaba Inspired Makeup!

I have still some books to read for a very important exam due next week, but I’m on schedule, as you can see here. Meanwhile I had even time to cook some delicious biscuits!

That’s all for August. I am looking forward to my birthday!