Hello September

Finally, summer’s almost over. Truth is, here in Northern Italy we have had very little sunny and summer-y days, so we won’t notice much difference.

Anyway, it is September. It is my birthday month. And a very busy schedule is about to start again.download (1)

So I just wanted to collect all of the posts from last month here, in a little recap.

I wrote a lot of Motivation Monday, like the one with the checklist one or the one about starting over. I feel that this kind of post really makes me feel better, inspired and motivated. But the very best one is surely the one about my vacations, that finally came! I have to write about them, just give me a little time… I was really into inspirational posts, with my coloured pens and some guilty pleasures.

Talking about make up, or rather body care, I wrote a little review about a Sephora Scrub, it’s worth giving it a try! It helped much my skin! And, talking about skin types, I avoided greenifying with this Elphaba Inspired Makeup!

I have still some books to read for a very important exam due next week, but I’m on schedule, as you can see here. Meanwhile I had even time to cook some delicious biscuits!

That’s all for August. I am looking forward to my birthday!


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