Back to School – Step One: Notebooks

Four days ’till university begins. Again. Third year, three yet to come, two degrees to come, lots of exams to pass. Five, for the moment.

I’m starting this year with a different attitude towards study. I’m getting more and more organised and I can easily manage multiple reading (I mean, we all must read so many books, like three at a time).Petals

I bought from Amazon a Filofax Pocket with some big, red flowers on it (you can find it here, on, where I bought it from, or here, from, provided with 2014 and 2015 refills. It’s small, very small, and very useful. It’s light and goes in any bag I own, even the summer-y ones, those little purses where your cellphone does not perfectly fit.


From Tiger I got those wonderful notebooks with stunning patterns on them. To be honest, my favourite is the Periodic Table one. It’s just so funny and still very scientific, not so much hipster-y and still cool.

I bought pens, pencils, highlighters and so forth. I still have to buy transit pass. So annoying.


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