Back to School – Step Two: Make Up Essentials

When travelling to Milan in order to go to the long lessons I’m attending, I never fail to have this little purse with me. It’s from Camomilla (from a past collection, I couldn’t find it even online) and it’s really small, and handy, and cute.


What do I carry with me?

Only the essential. Nothing more, nothing less.



Travelling by train during winter is always a challenge. You’ll never know whether you’ll sit or not, whether it’s going to be hella hot or more likely an Arendelle-after-Elsa-run-away temperature. The part of my body which suffers the most is surely my hands; they’re not usually dry, but when it’s cold outside they start screaming “Moisturise us!”. When it happens, I take the Neutrogena Hand Cream and the Nail and Cuticle Butter Stick from Essence; they magically re-hydrate my poor hands.

When it comes to sanitising them before eating (I feel gross when I don’t), I use one random hand-sanitiser, the one I’m currently using.



Sometimes I get up late. Those days are terrible, no good day, but if I manage to sit down on the train I can at least try and look like a normal person. I usually conceal my dark circles and blemishes with the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (I have to buy a new one these days), then I put on a bit of colour with Essence Matt Cream Blush Floral Glam from the Guerilla Gardening TE. Then I apply the Eyebrow mascara from the same TE, My Piece of Land, so as to frame my eyes. Now I look more like a normal person.



Last but not the least, I might try to apply mascara (this one is an old one from Avon I’m trying to finish) and do a bit of a smoky eyes and/or a kind of eyeliner with Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 04 (a Golden Brown, or something like that).



Three essentials: a lip butter, a My Lips But Better, and a berry colour. I usually go for the Yes To Carrots Lip Butter which tastes like berry. I always carry with me MAC Cosmo, the perfect MLBB. It goes with every eye make up I wear, simply perfect. The berry colour is L’Oréal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in Miss Cherry. It’s a cold, dark red colour, which can be applied lightly for just a touch of colour, or with more applications for a fuller colour, which I adore.


What are your essentials in your make up purse? Do you have one?


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