Weekly Favourites ♥ 1

Lately my skin has been so kind to me not to explode in any strange episode of extreme redness or wild red spots all around my face. I’m really thankful, skin. You shall be rewarded.
This meant that I had to put little effort on my foundation in the morning.


I simply used Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (7.50€ on Kiko)to cover up the dark circles and the redness around my nose, caused by the cold morning weather.

Then I highlighted my cheekbones with Illamasqua Gleam in Supernatural(20£ on Illamasqua), a very natural colour, not to bronze-y on a skin like mine, that isn’t -luckily- exaggeratedly pale.

Eyes-wise I used every single day Urban Decay Naked Basics 1(29$ on Sephora, 27€), the perfect palette, the one and only, which allows me to have an incredible smoky make up, and adds the perfect colour for eyelining (yes, Crave, I’m talking about you).

open weekly

The last touch is given by NYC Big Bold Mascara in Extra Black(2.99€ on NYC).  My eyelashes aren’t really long, or curved, or voluminous. They are brunette, straight and boring. This mascara can help the curve to hold up until I remove the eye make up. It’s the perfect mascara.

And that’s what I loved the most during this week!
What are your make up staples?


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