Monday Breakfast #1

New title for something already known: my Motivation Monday post, the starting point of an endless week.

Why Monday Breakfast?
Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, of course. And on Monday morning everyone should fine five minutes more to enjoy that precious time.
Maybe those five minutes can be spent reading the good proposition of a twenty-one years-old student with a chaotic life!

Recently I’ve been surrounded by things to do.
I’m preparing a huge surprise for my loved one, an Advent Calendar, and it’s an exhausting venture. Do you know how hard it is to prepare 24 little presents and a big other one for a single person? It’s emptying me little by little of all the cute ideas I had, they’re not enough!

I’m even starting to think of my third-year dissertation – the first step towards becoming a teacher!
And three exams to be prepared during the semester break… It’s exhausting!

But it’s Monday!
The sky is supposed to be blue even this week – hopefully – and perhaps I’ll have more time for myself.

Let’s start this week awesomely and enjoy every minute of it!


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