8 – Monday Breakfast #2

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It’s more like lunch time for me in Italy, but I wanted to share some of the Christmas Spirit that’s invading my house.
I’ve always prepared the Christmas tree and the Presepe (the Nativity of Jesus) on the 8th December. This year we did it yesterday, due to some logistic problem (a lunch with the whole family at our place), but from today till the 6th January the atmosphere will be – hopefully – filled with joy and Christmas songs. And no one is going to judge me if I sing “Holly Jolly Christmas” out loud. I mean, it’s Christmas! (almost)

Lovely Empties (1)

Today’s post has been in my drafts for so long, but finally I took some decent picture.

Here I have some empties, products I’ve used entirely up.anteprima2

Vidal, Milky Body Wash with Milk and Orchid

This body wash is an absolute must-have in summertime! It’s fresh and relaxing, and after a long day, sweating in the sun, running around, studying and more, it gives your skin the necessary re-hydration and makes you smell like an orchid.

Garnier Essential, Make Up Remover with Rose extracts
I used this product to remove my foundation and concealer at night, and it did work pretty well. It only left a thin greasy film on my face, that I had to remove with a towel.

Nivea Visage, Extra Light Day Cream

My sister bought it ages ago. It laid in her drawer, half-used, abandoned, so I rescued it. It’s not something that I’d use again, it’s too oily (and it’s made for oily skins!), but it didn’t help the awful black spots to come out.

Elf, Clarifying Powder
A simple, basic powder, nothing special at all. It’s very cheap, that’s good, and for its price it does a great job. I should repurchase it!

Neutrogena Hand Cream

I used it every day for two winters. It was a loyal friend on the morning train, when my hand were crying for help, because they get pretty dry. Not bad, not especially good. Helpful.empties2

Orphea, After bite
It does its job. It stops the aching feeling on the skin, but the smell isn’t one of my favourites.

Garnier, Moisture Match Cream (from Combination to Oily Skin)
Too thick for day time, not enough for night time. This cream alone wasn’t a good choice for me, but in combination with other products was great. I won’t repurchase it soon.

Nivea, Stress Protect Deodorant
It has no smell at all, and I like it. It kept me dry for at least 10hours (48h is a bit too much, in my opinion). Good, but not special.

  Sephora, Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover
A big NO from here, no, absolutely no, never again. The worst product I’ve ever bought this year. It didn’t remove anything and left an oily film, that made my eyes turn red. Don’t buy it!


6 – Candles Gone Wrong

Last Saturday I was busy preparing Christmas gifs for my closest friends. Well, the original idea was to create a lovely set of red, Christmas-themed, peach-smelling candles.
But they didn’t turn out as I expected.

How did I do them?

1 – I took some plain, white candles (these are from Tiger, but you can buy them anywhere for less than 1€), and I melt them on a light fire.


2 – I put some Christmas-y cookie cutters on a plate covered by aluminum foil.

3 – I added some peach perfume oil to the wax.

4 – I added even some red food colouring, to turn the wax red.

And it was red. Incredibly red, perfectly red. But perhaps the food colouring isn’t supposed to be used with wax, so this might be the reason of the further misfortune.

5 – I spilled the red wax on the cookie cutters, and let it set for an hour, more or less.




6 – I prepared other presents, and then I noticed that the food colouring was underneath the solidified wax. So my candles became white. Plain white, a terrible boring white. But they are Christmas-themed!


All in all, in was my very first candle experiment, so I’m satisfied. I’m only a bit disappointed, because I didn’t expected them to turn white.

Are you going to prepare DIY gifts or have you already bought them all?

5 – Snowflakes

I’m a little obsessed with Frozen. Just a bit. A little bit. *hides most of her pictures on the phone*
One of the things that fascinates me the most are snowflakes. They are  hexagonal perfection, and they are all different, and they seem fun to create!

4 – Wrap it up

When it comes to create the packages for gifts, my expression is usually a very excited one.

When I was little I loved to look at my mother wrapping presents, it looked like magic to me. Especially when it came to ribbons and decorations.

This year I bought something that could help me in this incredibly important task, because a good presentation of a gift is equally important as the gift self (perhaps it’s because my home-made gifts didn’t turn out exactly as I expected them).ribbons

There are some washi tape from Tiger, some plain decorated ribbons (I adore them!) and some other decorated tape from Lidl.
I’m happy with the whole variety I’ve got, I feel rich in decoration ideas!


How do you decorate your gifts?

3- Early Lights


While I was waiting for the light to turn green, I saw the first Christmas lights here.
Obviously there are many in Milan, but in my little village a bit of christmas-y atmosphere is finally in the air!

Hopefully the whole village will turn in a light wonderland in a week’s time!

2 – Gifts from the past


Second day of this Advent Calendar session of intense blogging.
Today it’s all about the presents!

This September, as my birthday came, I went to Sephora and I was gifted with this little set of lipglosses, a very handy one indeed.

To be honest, I don’t use lipglosses a lot. They remind me of my sixth-grade and of the blue smokey-eyes I used to make up on my face. Awful, indeed.

This Sephora set comes in a very practical shape, since all the lipglosses form a “tower” and they aren’t easy to loose.
It might be useful for journeys, because one single package prevents the loss of a particular colour, usually the one I prefer.


The colours are all pretty neutral tones, the first and the third one being a bit glitter-y, the second one pearl-y and the last one a plain nude lipgloss.

I haven’t tried them yet as much as I sould have. I’m not into lipglosses, but I promise that I will talk again about this wonderful gift Sephora gave me!


Have you got any gift that you haven’t used yet?

1 – Let the spirit come!

It’s Christmas time!
No, it’s not yet, but the Advent Calendar begins today.
And from today until the 25th of December I am going to fill your days with an article a day.

A bit ambitious for a not-so-organised “blogger”, but I can give it a try!

1st December

or “Let the spirit come!” 


Since September I’ve been thinking about presents and little things to give to those who are important to me.

The first person I want to talk about is my boyfriend.
He’s great, the best person I’ve ever met, patient enough to stand me, cuddle-y and incredibly ironic. This year I wanted to thank him with a great, grand, enormous present. An entire Advent Calendar.

Most of the daily presents are handmade and those who were bought aren’t so expensive, because I wanted to give him something useful and made by me.
I’m surely going to take a picture everyday of the face he makes when he opens the daily present. I hope they’ll all be joyful!

What are you planning for this intense, amazing, Christmas-waiting month?detail