1 – Let the spirit come!

It’s Christmas time!
No, it’s not yet, but the Advent Calendar begins today.
And from today until the 25th of December I am going to fill your days with an article a day.

A bit ambitious for a not-so-organised “blogger”, but I can give it a try!

1st December

or “Let the spirit come!” 


Since September I’ve been thinking about presents and little things to give to those who are important to me.

The first person I want to talk about is my boyfriend.
He’s great, the best person I’ve ever met, patient enough to stand me, cuddle-y and incredibly ironic. This year I wanted to thank him with a great, grand, enormous present. An entire Advent Calendar.

Most of the daily presents are handmade and those who were bought aren’t so expensive, because I wanted to give him something useful and made by me.
I’m surely going to take a picture everyday of the face he makes when he opens the daily present. I hope they’ll all be joyful!

What are you planning for this intense, amazing, Christmas-waiting month?detail


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