2 – Gifts from the past


Second day of this Advent Calendar session of intense blogging.
Today it’s all about the presents!

This September, as my birthday came, I went to Sephora and I was gifted with this little set of lipglosses, a very handy one indeed.

To be honest, I don’t use lipglosses a lot. They remind me of my sixth-grade and of the blue smokey-eyes I used to make up on my face. Awful, indeed.

This Sephora set comes in a very practical shape, since all the lipglosses form a “tower” and they aren’t easy to loose.
It might be useful for journeys, because one single package prevents the loss of a particular colour, usually the one I prefer.


The colours are all pretty neutral tones, the first and the third one being a bit glitter-y, the second one pearl-y and the last one a plain nude lipgloss.

I haven’t tried them yet as much as I sould have. I’m not into lipglosses, but I promise that I will talk again about this wonderful gift Sephora gave me!


Have you got any gift that you haven’t used yet?


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