6 – Candles Gone Wrong

Last Saturday I was busy preparing Christmas gifs for my closest friends. Well, the original idea was to create a lovely set of red, Christmas-themed, peach-smelling candles.
But they didn’t turn out as I expected.

How did I do them?

1 – I took some plain, white candles (these are from Tiger, but you can buy them anywhere for less than 1€), and I melt them on a light fire.


2 – I put some Christmas-y cookie cutters on a plate covered by aluminum foil.

3 – I added some peach perfume oil to the wax.

4 – I added even some red food colouring, to turn the wax red.

And it was red. Incredibly red, perfectly red. But perhaps the food colouring isn’t supposed to be used with wax, so this might be the reason of the further misfortune.

5 – I spilled the red wax on the cookie cutters, and let it set for an hour, more or less.




6 – I prepared other presents, and then I noticed that the food colouring was underneath the solidified wax. So my candles became white. Plain white, a terrible boring white. But they are Christmas-themed!


All in all, in was my very first candle experiment, so I’m satisfied. I’m only a bit disappointed, because I didn’t expected them to turn white.

Are you going to prepare DIY gifts or have you already bought them all?


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