Reading Challenge Update – January


January is to me the examination month. It’s always filled with exams and books to study, and I really don’t have time to read something that I do really enjoy. Luckily there’ll be no examination ’till May, so I have time to read what I like.

This month I read three books. Not much, not an impressive start, but we’ll get better.

  1. Sons and Lovers – D. H. Lawrence
    This novel is all about Oedipus complex and its absurd development in the life of a poor young man, oppressed by his mother’s love. It’s an heavy book, I wouldn’t recommend it at all! The style is Victorian, because of the long sentences, but at the same time it shows to have a lot in common with Modernist novels, because of the stream of consciousness. Well, you’ll get confused and you’ll hate Mrs Morel and her inept children. I assure you.

  2. Orlando – V. Woolf
    On the contrary, this novel was absolutely adorable! The irony and bitter comments from the narrator are really funny, and the novel is very lighthearted. I read it in five days! Wonderful! I totally recommend it. Or, you can watch Sally Potter’s film version.

  3. The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up – M. Kondo
    As a messy person, I guarantee this reading will change your view on tidying up. It is a bit of a radical method for decluttering, and I’m not sure whether I’ll apply it or not. Truth is, it sounds reassuring to read about all these cases of people changing their habits and living better after purging and cleaning their house once for all.

What have you read this month?
How is your reading challenge going? I’m already at 6%!

Cookie Mug Cake. An experiment.

I recently stumbled across some tasty mugcakes all over Instagram. Essentially they are a kind of microwave-bakery that takes no more than ten minutes to be ready. There are so many possibilities and, as long as I’ve seen and read, the only required tools are a microwave and some mugs. Who doesn’t own them both? (Answer: my boyfriend has no microwave at his parents’ place). I can swear he is the only exception, so we all can bake these delighful time-saving bombs of sweetness.recipe

I found online a recipe in Italian, since I wanted to be sure about the quantities of the various ingredients and I’m not extremely familiar with cups, spoons and all that jazz. I found this recipe for a chocolate chip cookie mug cake. It combines two of my favourite things: chocolate chip cookie and cooking something tasty in less time as possible.

Doesn’t it remind you of Lush’s Let the Good Times Roll?

My sister and I tested its taste, and we were both surprisingly satisfied with the result! It wasn’t extremely crunchy, but it was neither soft. It was almost perfect, since I managed to have the centre a little burnt. Does anyone know how to avoid it?

chocolate firsttaste

 Anyway, I think I’ll try this recipe and its variations again. I almost feel like a professional baker!

Monday Breakfast #6

I am completely surrounded by books to read and poems to analyze, but this morning has anyway to be the start of a good week. It doesn’t matter how hard it seems to be, Monday morning is not the toughest part of the week. Let’s think of Wednesday evening! You are halfway through the week, but there are still two days to come, and you feel like you don’t have the energies anymore, and…
Ok. I’ll stop here.
I hope you’re going to have a wonderful week!
Good luck!


The colour of the month: January is pink!

It can sound strange, because my favourite colour is blue, and January to me has always been a blue month, but this year the colour has to be pink.pink1

Pink like the fluffiest sweater ever, the most worn, the one I loved.
Pink like the highlighter I used instead of the yellow one on my textbooks.
Pink like the lipstick I adored.



It’s like a sparkle of early spring, totally out of nowhere. But I like it!pink4

Obviously there’s a touch of blue. How could I possibly abandon my favourite colour of all time?

A tale of two lipsticks

Lipstick-wise I’m a bipolar kind of person. I can go from light, rose-y and peach-y lipsticks to dark burgundy ones in the same day. It does happen.

And we’re going to talk about two lipsticks from the same line, but in slightly different colours…colourcrush

They’re both from Essence Longlasting Lipstick line.
They’re colour 04 – On the catwalk! and 08 – Colour crush.

The packaging is really lovely, black with a line that shows the colour of the lipstick, so that it’s easier to identify.
The texture is extremely creamy and comfortable, very easy to apply. Even though it’s creamy, it stays at least two hours on your lips. Of course, eating, drinking or kissing reduces the duration, but it leaves a softer colour on your lips.onthecatwalk

The colours are stunning! On the catwalk! is a light burgundy, not extremely warm as a colour, with a definite blue component. It’s not extremely red-based. Colour crush is bubble gum pink, bright and neutral. My undertone is clearly warm, but this colour isn’t excessively cold on my lips. Of course, a peach-ier or orang-ier tone would have suited me better, but with the right blush it doesn’t seem too cold.


Their price is ridiculously low, I think it’s 3€ or less! For the quality it’s a honest one!

Have you got any of these lipsticks? Do you like them?  

Monday Breakfast #5

From We Heart It!

It’s that time of the year when I can’t have a single day off. I’m always running, hurrying, I always have something to do, I can never sit down and relax. It’s exam time. But still I feel like it’s one of my favourite times of the year, because I can prove to everyone who said I wasn’t enough that I’m not what they thought I was. It’s the right time to challenge me and show everyone that I can do the best even in the hardest situations.
Last week I got 30 in an exam (highest grade in Italy!), next week I’ll have my English Literature exam. It must go wonderfully!

Have a nice week, you all!

Sephora Fiber Masks – a quick review


Whenever I feel extremely tired or stressed, I tend either to take longer showers or to apply face masks. These two actions have some kind of magical power, they calm and relax me.

A (not so) recent discovery were Sephora Fiber Masks. Essentially, these pieces of tissue are drenched in magical elixirs with incredible powers. You apply them on your face, it’s better if there’s no trace of make up or of any cream, and wait 15 minutes. You can read a book, dry your hair, apply your nail polish, and then you simply remove the mask. It’s extremely easy!

Every mask is designed for a specific purpose: the green one is purifying, the yellow one is toning and revitalizing, the red one has some energizing effect, while the pink one (if I remember well) is calming. Well, there’s a lot of choice!

I like to use them before going to bed when I don’t feel relaxed, and those 15 minutes are a blessing, because I usually plan the days ahead in that “dead time”. There’s only one con with these masks, you can kinda look like a killer. Kinda.



Calendar Bookmarks DIY

You might have read that this year I’m trying to read 50 books (or at least, as many as possible!). Well, to keep myself motivated I decided to print out something cute for my books.cards1



Online I found this printables for a calendar (I’d like to give credits, but the blog where I found them seems to have disappeared! Anyawy, it was a french diy blog) and I decided to turn them into bookmarks.

How to create these lovely bookmarks? It’s super easy!

Step 1: print the calendar (or the picture you like) on a normal sheet of paper
Step 2: glue it to cardboard
Step 3: cut the bookmarks in a rectangular shape (how obvious!)
Step 4: when you finish a book, write it down on the back of your bookmark. If you like, you can even cross or circle the day you finished it.


Does it sound like a good idea?
Will it help me with my reading challenge?
If you like this printable, I can mail you a copy (but first, let me find out who did this great job!)

Monday Breakfast #4

Today is the day of a big, terrible, no good exam. Germanic Philology.
Sounds scary? It actually is.

I’ve studied so hard for this exam, but I’m feeling extremely anxious and I don’t think I’ll pass it. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but who knows?

Well, good luck to me.


And have a nice week, y’all!

Last Year in Photos

It’s the beginning of a new year, so we’re all still in that mood where last year’s memories are to be shared and we should all smile at odd pictures of us.

2014 was a great year for me. Incredible. Wonderful. Yes, it had a low point somewhere in June and four months of non-stop rain can make anyone pretty nervous and sad, but all in all this year was great.

And I’m just going to share some pictures of the last year.


The world was obsessed with the Oscar Selfie, well, we did the Snow Selfie.
It’s me, my boyfriend, my sister and her friend.
We were in Druogno (Piedmont) riding bobs (actually I kept on falling on the snow). It was so much fun!



This two pictures were taken during a walk in the countryside in my town. It was the 26th, 27th of January and it was cold, very cold.
I just had my hair cut short again, so I was chillin’ with it!



The 13th of July was the 3rd anniversary with my boyfriend. We celebrated by having a picnic in Varese. I cooked everything, but we had so much fun playing with the camera!




Best time of the year was the end of August. We went to Florence. We finally went on vacation together!
Those days were wonderful, extremely artistic, filled with museums and love.
I wish I’ll always feel that much in love, for the rest of my life.


Aaaand, that’s all!
From tomorrow no more new year themed posts!