My Goals for 2015

I know I told everyone here that I would have written a post a day during December.
And I didn’t.
The problem is, I had so much to do, there was my German examination, and then Holidays, and suddenly it’s already 2015!
How can time go so fast?

Well, once we’re done celebrating the arrival of 2015 (and as I post it, maybe it’s still 2014 in some parts of the world), we need to set some goals for the year.


Mine might look big, but I want to accomplish all of them!

  1. Get my degree. I currently study Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan, I’m just five exams away from my third year degree (aka Laurea). It’s such a big step!

  2. Make creative presents. When it comes to birthdays and similar, I never know what to get for the person celebrating. It’s always an hard choice and most of the time I end up with boring, repetitive gifts. I need to spice up my presents for this year!

  3. Stick to my routine. Whether it’s blogging or everyday life, I need to learn to stick to a familiar routine. No, I don’t want to become a robot who does everything as scheduled, but if I could learn not to waist precious time in the morning while dressing up, it would be great. And I could sleep ten minutes more.

  4. Try to be less touchy. Yes, I’m terribly irritable and sensitive, I don’t like it, but I am. I can control it, it’s hard, but if I try hard enough I might be lovelier!

  5. Plan lessons in advance. As a swimming teacher, I need to know in advance what to do during the 50 minutes of each lesson. I should plan it with a couple of weeks of advance, but I end up doing it while I’m driving to the pool. I’ll find a lovely place where to write it!

  6. Be more organised. If you looked at my bedroom today, you’ll probably scream and run away like blondies in horror movies. Sometimes I wonder how I get to such a level of chaos, I tidy things up, and in a week’s time it’s all like before. Sometimes I hate myself for this!

What are your goals for this year? Let me know if we have something in common!
Aaand, have a wonderful new year!


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