2015 – My Reading Challenge

I’ve always read a lot. Since I was 6, and I decided to pick up a book at the local library, I’ve never stopped reading. I read while cooking, while going to the university (I go by train, I don’t read and drive), I read while relaxing. I read to study, because I study Literature.
I read a lot.

In 2014 I wanted to read 50 books. Unluckily I failed, but that’s mainly because after a big exam in September with something like 20 books to read, I felt like all my reading energies were gone for a long long time. Now, I’m here to start again. With my books, with my e-reader, and with so many possibilities!

There’s one reading challenge that to me sounds quite interesting, even though I’m not sure it’s an actual challenge. If it is, and you know the right name, tell me!
I want to read a famous book set in each state of the US.

This challenge will put together my usual 50 books challenge, I try every year, and I’ll probably read some good books that I’ve never heard before.

The list I’m going to follow is this one from Business Insider, that I found online some months ago. But since I’ve already read some of these books, and I don’t feel like re-reading them (*waves at Twilight*), I’ll read some others. I’ll try!


Have you already set any reading challenge?
Do you read a lot?


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