Gratitude Jar, 2014

For the last six months I’ve been writing every night on a piece of paper something I was grateful for. Sometimes I forgot to write, many times I was grateful for the same thing.
Here I’d like to share the some of these Gratitude Thoughts.gratitude

  • Three years. Three wonderful years, and I can’t help loving him more.

  • How old are Padme and Ani when they get married? Is she older than him?

  • We went on holiday together. It was the best possible thing!

  • Planning for the trip to Florence is extremely stressing, but sometimes it gets funny.

  • Why do restaurants cost so much?

  • I love watching How I Met Your Mother with him.

  • I’m tired and I bought nothing in Milan. My purse is thankful.

  • Cuddles day!

This year I’m doing something slightly different, like the 365 questions, one question per day for 5 years. I hope I’ll finish it, but I think I’ll continue with this Gratitude Jar.


Do you do anything similar? On Pinterest you can find so many ideas, try and check there!


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