Calendar Bookmarks DIY

You might have read that this year I’m trying to read 50 books (or at least, as many as possible!). Well, to keep myself motivated I decided to print out something cute for my books.cards1



Online I found this printables for a calendar (I’d like to give credits, but the blog where I found them seems to have disappeared! Anyawy, it was a french diy blog) and I decided to turn them into bookmarks.

How to create these lovely bookmarks? It’s super easy!

Step 1: print the calendar (or the picture you like) on a normal sheet of paper
Step 2: glue it to cardboard
Step 3: cut the bookmarks in a rectangular shape (how obvious!)
Step 4: when you finish a book, write it down on the back of your bookmark. If you like, you can even cross or circle the day you finished it.


Does it sound like a good idea?
Will it help me with my reading challenge?
If you like this printable, I can mail you a copy (but first, let me find out who did this great job!)


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