Sephora Fiber Masks – a quick review


Whenever I feel extremely tired or stressed, I tend either to take longer showers or to apply face masks. These two actions have some kind of magical power, they calm and relax me.

A (not so) recent discovery were Sephora Fiber Masks. Essentially, these pieces of tissue are drenched in magical elixirs with incredible powers. You apply them on your face, it’s better if there’s no trace of make up or of any cream, and wait 15 minutes. You can read a book, dry your hair, apply your nail polish, and then you simply remove the mask. It’s extremely easy!

Every mask is designed for a specific purpose: the green one is purifying, the yellow one is toning and revitalizing, the red one has some energizing effect, while the pink one (if I remember well) is calming. Well, there’s a lot of choice!

I like to use them before going to bed when I don’t feel relaxed, and those 15 minutes are a blessing, because I usually plan the days ahead in that “dead time”. There’s only one con with these masks, you can kinda look like a killer. Kinda.




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