A tale of two lipsticks

Lipstick-wise I’m a bipolar kind of person. I can go from light, rose-y and peach-y lipsticks to dark burgundy ones in the same day. It does happen.

And we’re going to talk about two lipsticks from the same line, but in slightly different colours…colourcrush

They’re both from Essence Longlasting Lipstick line.
They’re colour 04 – On the catwalk! and 08 – Colour crush.

The packaging is really lovely, black with a line that shows the colour of the lipstick, so that it’s easier to identify.
The texture is extremely creamy and comfortable, very easy to apply. Even though it’s creamy, it stays at least two hours on your lips. Of course, eating, drinking or kissing reduces the duration, but it leaves a softer colour on your lips.onthecatwalk

The colours are stunning! On the catwalk! is a light burgundy, not extremely warm as a colour, with a definite blue component. It’s not extremely red-based. Colour crush is bubble gum pink, bright and neutral. My undertone is clearly warm, but this colour isn’t excessively cold on my lips. Of course, a peach-ier or orang-ier tone would have suited me better, but with the right blush it doesn’t seem too cold.


Their price is ridiculously low, I think it’s 3€ or less! For the quality it’s a honest one!

Have you got any of these lipsticks? Do you like them?  


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