Cookie Mug Cake. An experiment.

I recently stumbled across some tasty mugcakes all over Instagram. Essentially they are a kind of microwave-bakery that takes no more than ten minutes to be ready. There are so many possibilities and, as long as I’ve seen and read, the only required tools are a microwave and some mugs. Who doesn’t own them both? (Answer: my boyfriend has no microwave at his parents’ place). I can swear he is the only exception, so we all can bake these delighful time-saving bombs of sweetness.recipe

I found online a recipe in Italian, since I wanted to be sure about the quantities of the various ingredients and I’m not extremely familiar with cups, spoons and all that jazz. I found this recipe for a chocolate chip cookie mug cake. It combines two of my favourite things: chocolate chip cookie and cooking something tasty in less time as possible.

Doesn’t it remind you of Lush’s Let the Good Times Roll?

My sister and I tested its taste, and we were both surprisingly satisfied with the result! It wasn’t extremely crunchy, but it was neither soft. It was almost perfect, since I managed to have the centre a little burnt. Does anyone know how to avoid it?

chocolate firsttaste

 Anyway, I think I’ll try this recipe and its variations again. I almost feel like a professional baker!


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