Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Have you ever experienced the feeling of falling in love with a make up product for a couple of months, using it daily, and then you forget about it for, say, one year and a half? Me? Uhm, I guess I have. And as soon as I decluttered a bit my make up possession I felt the passion for that product came back with the strength of a thousand suns.

Skip the poetry, get to the point! I recently discovered my two Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in the wrong place, that is in the swimming-pool bag. I put them there one Saturday that I had to work last year and they have been in there for all this time, since I removed all the stuff inside of the bag and released them.

I own them in two colours: 04 Golden Chocolate and 11 Teal. They are available in stores and online for 6.90€.
Golden Chocolate is a warm, medium brown with tons of golden reflection; these aren’t actually glitter, because they would make my eyes hella red as soon as I tried to remove my make up. It’s simply amazing how this colour can enhance my eye colour. When I have little time to do my make up in the morning, when I have to rush to get to the train station in time, I apply it as liner and I immediately feel like my eyes do have a shape.
Teal is blue-y green or a green-y blue, it’s the perfect balance between these two colours. It is harder to blend than Golden Chocolate, and it’s even harder to remove. At least, it’s really long-lasting!

These eyeshadows surely have some cons, but the pros simply outnumber them.
It is true that they are hard to blend, but I never use them as eyeshadows on the whole lid, I usually use them as eyeliner when I’m in a rush at morning, because these two colours aren’t exactly what I’d like to have all over my eyes.
They aren’t easy to remove, but it is simply a sign of how long they last! I apply them in the morning (usually Golden Chocolate) and when I come back after 6pm they are still there, they didn’t move of an inch!
If you want to blend them, you have to it quickly! After twenty, thirty seconds they settle on your lid and you won’t be able to blend them even if you tried with all of your strength. So, be quick and to one eye at a time!

The range of colours is enormous, more than thirty available in stores and online.
The quality is really worth the price. I highly recommend them!


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