January Most Played

It’s time to look back at the past month and collect the products that I used the most. This is the first monthly most played, and I hope I’ll be part of the Team Most Played (here Chiara explains everything!).

So, let’s start with the foundation. These products aren’t necessarily my favourites, they just happen to be the ones I reached for the most during the past month. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is currently the product for the base that I hate the most, it leaves my skin extremely oily, and it didn’t happen during summer! Probably my skin is changing, I don’t know, but I want to finish this product as soon as I can and never re-purchase it. One flaw is that it can’t cover my dark circles. I don’t have problematic ones, they appear when I’m tired after studying, and during the exam session it happens often. To avoid being asked whether I’m a panda, I used Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (in the colour 02), which is simply perfect. It stays in place and covers everything, from blemishes to dark circles. You have to try it, even because it blends perfectly! Last, but not the least, is my eye primer, Kiko Eye Base Primer, a matte light primer that evens out the lid and makes your eyes immediately better looking. Sometimes I wear it and a line of eye liner and I’m ready!JANmostplayed1

On my cheeks you could have easily spotted tons of highlighter, but not a single hint of blush. That’s right. This month I wore a lot of Illamasqua’s Gleam in Supernatural because of the natural light it gives to my skin. Its being rosy-gold enhances warm skin tones and I’m really happy to have purchased it. Being on the go most of the month, on my lips I wore usually something both nutrient and good-looking, like L’Oreal Glam Glow in Miss Cherry, a lovely full red, not too orange-y and not too blue, it’s just the perfect balance (I’m wearing it in this post!). It’s a lip balm, so even with the cold and the snow surrounding me, my lips felt immediately better.JANmostplayed3

Eyes-wise I kept my profile low. Neutral colours and long lashes were the key, so Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette (the original one) and NYC Big Bold Mascara were my loyal allies. My problematic eyebrows were tamed by Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in Don’t Let Me Brow’n, a light ashy brown, a little too light for my eyebrows, but the darker colour was too dark for me. It’ll do.JANmostplayed5

Lastly, skin care and lips care. Have I already mentioned the snow and the cold? Yeah? Okay, I’ll talk about them again. My skin being oily, I don’t suffer a lot from dry spots, but in winter it is important to keep it hydrated and Herborist’s Revitalizing and Firmind Day Cream helped a lot. I own a travel size, and I’m afraid it will end before spring. I’ll have to go to Sephora (as if it was bad!). Lips again! This time, a lip butter from Labello (Milk and Honey) I desperately want to finish, because I can’t stand it. I thought it would be hydrating, but it’s simply a superficial one. My lips get dry after a couple of minutes after applying it, so I’m trying to use it at home, while I’m not going out, so as to finish it as quickly as possible. The next one will have a greener formula.  JANmostplayed4 What about your most played? Do we share anything?


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