The colour of the month: Red February

What happened to me during the last week? Not much. I simply didn’t have time to sit down and write. It feels so wrong to have so much to do that you have to postpone what you love. Anyway, here I am, now, sitting in front of the computer.

It is time for a “Colour of the Month” post. And it’s going to be, uhm, pretty.

The colour of this month has surely been red. Red lipstick went on my lips everyday, red accents have filled my closet, and the little red heart-shaped necklace was one of my favourites.


It is a pretty obvious colour for February, isn’t it? Well, not for me. If you had seen me just a couple of years ago I would have been totally scared by the idea of wearing red lipstick! And I had a kind of repulsion towards hearts, I mean, before falling in love…

What was your colour?

Older Colours: January


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