Reading Challenge Update – February

February has not been a highly productive month, book-wise especially. I only finished three of them, and I am reading an awful lot of others, and I kinda get confused about plots and characters and… well, I should read one book at a time.

  1. The Turn of the Shrew – H. James
    I can assure you that I read it, but I still cannot understand the ending. What happened? Did anything happen at all? Is it all a mental vision of a problematic young lady? Are spirits really with us?
    It is surely a good book, well written, but as far as plot is concerned, I still have some doubts.

  2. The Aftermath – R. Brook
    In Italian libraries it is not unusual to find books wrapped up, like presents. You have to pick them up only because of what critics said, which is reported on the wrapping, and on your instinct. I chose this one, a history of love and war. Well, there was a just-finished-but-still-in-our-minds war and there was love. A lot. And in many strange ways, not always explained. It was well-written, but there are some holes and the conclusion leaves you with a bittersweet taste.

  3. Yes Please – A. Poehler
    I loved it! It made me laugh and I felt so emotionally taken that I want to re-read it as soon as possible, because it’s way too wonderful!

I’m a little behind schedule, I guess, but I’m enjoying some good books for the moment. The big ol’ boring 19th centuty books will come soon. Because I like them.


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