5 Minutes… Before going to bed


I’m not late. It just took me five more minutes to join the Fellowship of the 5 Minutes tag, a project started by Redditude and Sue, two Italian bloggers that I love and worship. Yes, like I totally worship their style and their pictures.

Well, this tag is about the things you do 5 minutes before/after a specific time. The first one is 5 minutes before going to bed.

My night routine is divided into two parts: first, I take a shower/I took a shower previously at the swimming pool, then as soon as I get home I remove my makeup. But this happens before 9 pm. Just before heading to the soft pillows, I brush my teeth, since mine are especially delicate (hello dentist, I hope you’re reading it!), and I tie my hair back. I don’t sleep with the ponytail, but it’s much handier than loose, straight hair.5minutes3

I then apply Yes To Carrots Nourishing Daily Softening Hand + Elbow Cream, summer and winter, with no exception, because my hands and elbows are the only dry spots of my entire body. My elbows need so much care! 5minutes1


The last step is reading with my Kobo e-reader and texting. Until I fall asleep and the phone/Kobo fall on my face.


2 thoughts on “5 Minutes… Before going to bed

  1. Piper C says:

    La sera è l’unico momento in cui anche io mi concedo la crema mani, ma solo in inverno, non mi pkace molto la sensazioni di appiccicaticcio che lascia


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