It would mean going back to 2009 and talking to a redhead-wannabe. I never dyed my hair, anyway. Very good idea, Valeria, you saved your hair from endless struggle to get your natural colour back.

Dear Valeria, you should quit re-reading the Twilight saga. You will in a couple of months, anyway, but you should focus more on those wonderful novels from Jane Austen that look suspiciously at you from the bookshelves; you already read one of them, Northanger Abbey, and you loved it. Go on, and finish them. Or by 2015 you won’t have yet.

Dearest Valeria, stop obsessing over the same kind of guys, those who don’t notice you. The one is coming just behind the corner, it’s not so far from you, I can almost count the days to your meeting (a very strange one indeed). Oh, wait, I was still 16 when I met him! So, yes, keep calm and he’ll come to you.

Dear little me, stop feeling unloved. That’s not true. Well, perhaps someone you think is near and dear to your heart really isn’t and you’ll have to find out in the worst possible way ever, but don’t worry, it is going to end. The loneliness you feel sometimes is already going away. Don’t focus on the sad side of your life, enjoy every minute you spend with a smile on your lips!

Dear me, you probably already know the enormous mistakes you’re going to make in a couple of years, they’re already there. I can’t warn you, or things won’t get better after them. Just remember that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.


One thought on “#DearMe

  1. Caseperlatesta says:

    Ciao Valeria, anche se ho qualche anno più di te mi è davvero piaciuto molto leggere la lettera che ti sei scritta e potrei sottoscriverla più o meno pari pari anche io! sono anche io twilight addicted e ora che non vorrei più tingermi di capelli devo farlo perchè ho iniziato ad avere qualche filo grigio… aaaaaarrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! nooooo!!


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