The Spring Sparkling Challenge – week 1: Brights up your skin!

Spring is here and we have been blessed with an entire sunny week.
This post is my first answer to the tag created by What’s in my bag and Consigli di Makeup, two Italian bloggers that I follow since I first reached the blogging world.TheSpringSparkleChallengesmall

What is this tag about? Well, s pring! And how we live it!

This first week is dedicated to skincare and how we prepare our skin to the glow of spring and summer. I also talk a bit about haircare, just a hint of what I’m going to do for the next months.spring1

The first step in the preparation for the spring is removing everything from my pores, let the skin breathe! Twice a week I apply Lovea’s Green Clay Paste, a fragrance free clay mask that really helps my skin removing everything undesired. I apply it, wait ten to fifteen minutes – while I usually check the mails – and I wash it off.

The next step that I do every morning and every night is wiping my face with Garnier’s Micellar Water. It does remove most of my makeup and is very gentle on the skin, unlike other similar products.

Last, but not the least, I tone my face with Cien’s Refreshing Facial Toner; it is the last touch before applying makeup or going to bed, before the face cream and before I apply foundation. It smoothes my skin and leaves it soft for the whole day/night.

I said I’d talk about haircare. Yes, it’s true. It happens just because I bought two new products at Carrefour, the Shampoo and Conditioner for blond hair with camomile and wheat germ by Nectar of Nature. I’m not blonde. I used to be, when I was little. My hair grew naturally darker, and now I’m a brunette. But my hair in summer gets wonderful blond-ish locks, and I’m looking forward to enhancing it. So, from April on, my sole and only aim is to get those blond reflections.

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I tag Piper and Grace!

4 thoughts on “The Spring Sparkling Challenge – week 1: Brights up your skin!

  1. A.G.-Whatsinmybag says:

    Benvenuta nella challenge!
    Interessante la maschera di Lovea e condivido il tuo amore per l’acqua micellare di Garnier, ne ho appena finita una bottiglia e sto andando a ricomprarla 😉


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