Get Fit for Summer – Tips and Resolutions

Summer is coming closer. No no, I’m not trying to hurry time up, because summer essentially means exams and I don’t want to think of them. But, since the warm season is approaching, as every girl on earth, I feel like I should start thinking of getting fit. Again.

I’m not overweight, I’m perfectly fine as I am. The problem is, of course, on my flabby tights, because of cellulite. I want to fight it. From now on.

Reading a bit online, I found many useful pieces of advice and I decided to report them to you all, just in case you needed another point of view.

  1. List all the reasons why you want to shape up. Write down your goals, that must be realistic and responsible. In my case, I want to have toned muscles, but I don’t want to turn into a gym-maniac.

  2. Keep a food diary; it’s especially useful if you want to lose weight, but since I eat a lot out of lunch and dinner time, I want to keep track of what I shouldn’t eat. The hardest thing in this part is being honest: don’t lie, your body knows that you’ve eaten. And, most importantly, have breakfast. Don’t forget the most important meal of the day.

  3. Buy the necessary equipment. Don’t go running with your flats, don’t go swimming in your bikini. Find the best gear and use it properly.

  4. Move more. Even a walk of 30-60 minutes helps toning and losing weight, because you can lose up to 400kcal simply by taking a nice walk outside. Don’t sit all day long in front of the computer, move!

  5. Take up yoga. I’m not a lot into yoga, but it fascinates me and I think I might start doing a bit of it everyday, just to see if it helps me in some way.getfit

These are my five pieces of advice and resolutions, I will update you in a couple of weeks or so about my progress!


2 thoughts on “Get Fit for Summer – Tips and Resolutions

  1. Piper C says:

    Esami a parte, l’estate è il periodo in cui mi rammollisco 😦 finiti gli allenamenti, finisco di muovermi (sono pigra, se non amassi la pallacanestro vivrei orizzontale -.-“) e i risultati non sono particolarmente lusinghieri 😦 dovrei ricordarmi almeno di camminare un po’


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