Spring-y Nails

Spring is finally here (yes, it’s here! Yesterday we reached 26°C, or something like that) and this is the season when I take my coloured nail polishes out of their box. Don’t think that I don’t use them in winter or fall, it’s just that I feel more inspired to wear them as the temperatures rise.

I want to talk about three nail polishes.springnails3

Kiko Celebration Nail Lacquer 422
Call it mint, Tiffany, aqua, whatever you want, this colour is one of my favourites. It makes my hand look refined and pretty, more feminine I guess. Its colour is full in a single application. I find that Kiko’s nail polish brushes are a little too small, I wish they were a little bigger. Unfortunately, this nail lacquer belongs to a past collection from two years ago, but in the permanent collection there is one other which is the same, identical colour.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 360 – Plums The Word
I know what you are saying, it’s not summer-y. Well, to me it is! It’s a dark, mauve-toned variation of a very dark pink, which is perfect for spring. No, ok. It’s mauve, a really full, intense mauve, but it look wonderful on nails. Its finish is extremely glossy and it’s the perfect transition colour from winter to spring and, in a couple of months, like the end of August, from summer to autumn.

Kiko Cupcake Nail Lacquer 647
Another limited edition, but I sincerely hope they will introduce these lacquers in their permanent line. It is a funny nail lacquer, it has sprinkles in it and it should look like the frosting and topping of cupcakes, I think. Well, it’s lovely and I like how it feels on my nails.

These are my choices regarding nail polishes. Have you anything to suggest me?springnails1



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