Get Fit for Summer – Tips and Resolutions

Summer is coming closer. No no, I’m not trying to hurry time up, because summer essentially means exams and I don’t want to think of them. But, since the warm season is approaching, as every girl on earth, I feel like I should start thinking of getting fit. Again.

I’m not overweight, I’m perfectly fine as I am. The problem is, of course, on my flabby tights, because of cellulite. I want to fight it. From now on.

Reading a bit online, I found many useful pieces of advice and I decided to report them to you all, just in case you needed another point of view.

  1. List all the reasons why you want to shape up. Write down your goals, that must be realistic and responsible. In my case, I want to have toned muscles, but I don’t want to turn into a gym-maniac.

  2. Keep a food diary; it’s especially useful if you want to lose weight, but since I eat a lot out of lunch and dinner time, I want to keep track of what I shouldn’t eat. The hardest thing in this part is being honest: don’t lie, your body knows that you’ve eaten. And, most importantly, have breakfast. Don’t forget the most important meal of the day.

  3. Buy the necessary equipment. Don’t go running with your flats, don’t go swimming in your bikini. Find the best gear and use it properly.

  4. Move more. Even a walk of 30-60 minutes helps toning and losing weight, because you can lose up to 400kcal simply by taking a nice walk outside. Don’t sit all day long in front of the computer, move!

  5. Take up yoga. I’m not a lot into yoga, but it fascinates me and I think I might start doing a bit of it everyday, just to see if it helps me in some way.getfit

These are my five pieces of advice and resolutions, I will update you in a couple of weeks or so about my progress!

The Colour of the Month: Aqua Reflections

March is the month of spring. And spring usually means pastels and bright colours. Well, to me it means every shade of blue ever seen on this Earth. And in March it was aqua that was on me most of the times.marchaqua2

I have these beautiful owl earrings, that my mother bought me four or five years ago; I remember I wore them on my first date with my boyfriend, so, they are not the newest addition to my collection.
The purse with the bows is a purchase from last year, and I’ve used it non-stop for the last few months. It’s small, but everything that I need fits perfectly in it.
The tape-dispenser is from Tiger and it’s the cutest thing ever, it gives a touch of colour on my desk.
The nail lacquer from Kiko is from a Limited Edition that came out three years ago, but they have the same shade in the permanent collection (here, in shade 389). I use it every spring, because it’s wonderful and is the perfect transition colour to the brighter polishes of summer.
Lastly, the shirt is another gift from my mom. It’s lose and airy, and the lace details on the sleeves are lovely. I keep on wearing it!

What was the colour of your March? I want to know!marchaqua1

Monday Breakfast #13

It’s Monday. It’s spring, even though yesterday it rained and the sun is not going to shine even today. I had my hair cut (yay!) and I’m feeling a bit refreshed.

This weekend was a tough one, I hope the rest of the week will be better!

Monday Breakfast #12

Spring is so close, we can all feel it. Last week was a sequence of sunny, warm days, and I can’t wait to get rid of sweaters, even though I love them. It’s time for ballerinas and t-shirts (almost).

Easter is also coming really close! Spring break, here we come!

How are you getting ready for spring?



It would mean going back to 2009 and talking to a redhead-wannabe. I never dyed my hair, anyway. Very good idea, Valeria, you saved your hair from endless struggle to get your natural colour back.

Dear Valeria, you should quit re-reading the Twilight saga. You will in a couple of months, anyway, but you should focus more on those wonderful novels from Jane Austen that look suspiciously at you from the bookshelves; you already read one of them, Northanger Abbey, and you loved it. Go on, and finish them. Or by 2015 you won’t have yet.

Dearest Valeria, stop obsessing over the same kind of guys, those who don’t notice you. The one is coming just behind the corner, it’s not so far from you, I can almost count the days to your meeting (a very strange one indeed). Oh, wait, I was still 16 when I met him! So, yes, keep calm and he’ll come to you.

Dear little me, stop feeling unloved. That’s not true. Well, perhaps someone you think is near and dear to your heart really isn’t and you’ll have to find out in the worst possible way ever, but don’t worry, it is going to end. The loneliness you feel sometimes is already going away. Don’t focus on the sad side of your life, enjoy every minute you spend with a smile on your lips!

Dear me, you probably already know the enormous mistakes you’re going to make in a couple of years, they’re already there. I can’t warn you, or things won’t get better after them. Just remember that you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.

Monday Breakfast #11

I should really wash my brushes, but I feel like I’m not 100% sure my soul wants it. I’m feeling lazy and perhaps I need a bit more motivation. My undergraduate paper is being written, but it’s so hard to find the necessary information. I feel as if my energy is getting lost.

I need a break. Easter is near, hopefully!

Monday Breakfast #10

Spring is coming ahead. You can almost hear those who have allergies preparing their tissues while birds sing.
A very stressful time is waiting for me: I have three important exams this semester and there’s just so much work to do! I feel like I can’t keep the pace, as if I was going to stay behind schedule. Well, I hope it won’t happen!
Do you remember the good intentions you wrote on January 1st? Have you already forgotten them? I bet it’s time to see if you have kept them during these two cold months!

The colour of the month: Red February

What happened to me during the last week? Not much. I simply didn’t have time to sit down and write. It feels so wrong to have so much to do that you have to postpone what you love. Anyway, here I am, now, sitting in front of the computer.

It is time for a “Colour of the Month” post. And it’s going to be, uhm, pretty.

The colour of this month has surely been red. Red lipstick went on my lips everyday, red accents have filled my closet, and the little red heart-shaped necklace was one of my favourites.


It is a pretty obvious colour for February, isn’t it? Well, not for me. If you had seen me just a couple of years ago I would have been totally scared by the idea of wearing red lipstick! And I had a kind of repulsion towards hearts, I mean, before falling in love…

What was your colour?

Older Colours: January

Monday Breakfast #9

I wanted this post to be written in the most realistic way. This is why I’m writing it at 6:30 am on a cloudy and cold February morning. The semester starts in two hours and this is actually when I do have breakfast most of the time. Pretty bad, isn’t it?

large (4)

Anyway, let’s start this semester filled with the energy of waking up at 6, after two months of oversleeping!

Monday Breakfast #8

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Good morning, everyone! It’s the last week of “vacation” for me, since next week the second semester begins. It’s time to collect energy and inspiration for the next months to come.

I’m currently re-watching Avatar – the Last Airbender and I’m totally falling in love with some character. Is it normal that I always like the bad guy?

Anyaway, have a nice, relaxing week!