Cookie Mug Cake. An experiment.

I recently stumbled across some tasty mugcakes all over Instagram. Essentially they are a kind of microwave-bakery that takes no more than ten minutes to be ready. There are so many possibilities and, as long as I’ve seen and read, the only required tools are a microwave and some mugs. Who doesn’t own them both? (Answer: my boyfriend has no microwave at his parents’ place). I can swear he is the only exception, so we all can bake these delighful time-saving bombs of sweetness.recipe

I found online a recipe in Italian, since I wanted to be sure about the quantities of the various ingredients and I’m not extremely familiar with cups, spoons and all that jazz. I found this recipe for a chocolate chip cookie mug cake. It combines two of my favourite things: chocolate chip cookie and cooking something tasty in less time as possible.

Doesn’t it remind you of Lush’s Let the Good Times Roll?

My sister and I tested its taste, and we were both surprisingly satisfied with the result! It wasn’t extremely crunchy, but it was neither soft. It was almost perfect, since I managed to have the centre a little burnt. Does anyone know how to avoid it?

chocolate firsttaste

 Anyway, I think I’ll try this recipe and its variations again. I almost feel like a professional baker!

Biscuits from My Heart

A very quick post today, because I’m on holiday in Florence and I’ve been terribly busy this month. I had to juggle between study hours, work, my private life, and a bit of blogging. Guess what was left out?
I’m sorry.

Anyway, today we’re talking about one of my first biscuit experiments.IMG_5120

I tried to do some chocolate pastafrolla (shortcrust pastry, really the Italian name in this case is so better!) biscuits.

I found the recipe online, on an Italian cooking website, but all in all it is flour, butter, eggs, icing sugar and cocoa powder. You mix them in the correct order and you get a not-so-soft ball of chocolate dough.

After half an hour in the fridge, you can take it off, flatten it with a rolling pin and then with some molds you give it the shape you like the most. I chose hearts, because it was a very important anniversary.

Then, 20/30 minutes in the oven at 180°C. And here they are!


I put some more icing sugar, just to avoid the total brown look.

I hope you’ll try them too!
And tell me if you have any yummy recipe to try!