The colour of the month: January is pink!

It can sound strange, because my favourite colour is blue, and January to me has always been a blue month, but this year the colour has to be pink.pink1

Pink like the fluffiest sweater ever, the most worn, the one I loved.
Pink like the highlighter I used instead of the yellow one on my textbooks.
Pink like the lipstick I adored.



It’s like a sparkle of early spring, totally out of nowhere. But I like it!pink4

Obviously there’s a touch of blue. How could I possibly abandon my favourite colour of all time?


Last Year in Photos

It’s the beginning of a new year, so we’re all still in that mood where last year’s memories are to be shared and we should all smile at odd pictures of us.

2014 was a great year for me. Incredible. Wonderful. Yes, it had a low point somewhere in June and four months of non-stop rain can make anyone pretty nervous and sad, but all in all this year was great.

And I’m just going to share some pictures of the last year.


The world was obsessed with the Oscar Selfie, well, we did the Snow Selfie.
It’s me, my boyfriend, my sister and her friend.
We were in Druogno (Piedmont) riding bobs (actually I kept on falling on the snow). It was so much fun!



This two pictures were taken during a walk in the countryside in my town. It was the 26th, 27th of January and it was cold, very cold.
I just had my hair cut short again, so I was chillin’ with it!



The 13th of July was the 3rd anniversary with my boyfriend. We celebrated by having a picnic in Varese. I cooked everything, but we had so much fun playing with the camera!




Best time of the year was the end of August. We went to Florence. We finally went on vacation together!
Those days were wonderful, extremely artistic, filled with museums and love.
I wish I’ll always feel that much in love, for the rest of my life.


Aaaand, that’s all!
From tomorrow no more new year themed posts!

Hello September

Finally, summer’s almost over. Truth is, here in Northern Italy we have had very little sunny and summer-y days, so we won’t notice much difference.

Anyway, it is September. It is my birthday month. And a very busy schedule is about to start (1)

So I just wanted to collect all of the posts from last month here, in a little recap.

I wrote a lot of Motivation Monday, like the one with the checklist one or the one about starting over. I feel that this kind of post really makes me feel better, inspired and motivated. But the very best one is surely the one about my vacations, that finally came! I have to write about them, just give me a little time… I was really into inspirational posts, with my coloured pens and some guilty pleasures.

Talking about make up, or rather body care, I wrote a little review about a Sephora Scrub, it’s worth giving it a try! It helped much my skin! And, talking about skin types, I avoided greenifying with this Elphaba Inspired Makeup!

I have still some books to read for a very important exam due next week, but I’m on schedule, as you can see here. Meanwhile I had even time to cook some delicious biscuits!

That’s all for August. I am looking forward to my birthday!

Motivation Monday #4


Organizing the first holiday all on my own (jk, I had a little help) was a huge fatigue. Not stressing, but I felt so emptied the night before. There was nothing else that I could possibly do to make it even better.

When you’re reading these lines, I’m heading back to may home town, my short voyage is already gone. You’ll get the pictures, I promise.


But, one thing motivated me: this gallery on Pinterest! It is just amazing and refreshing and, man, have I packed it all?

How to colour your life


A bit of an inspirational post, today, because I found those old pens, from Stabilo, and I decided to use them to customize my planner (a binder, to be precise).

I simply liked the sight of so many lovely colours, together, ready to brighten my boring planning.

Aaand, in less than 5 days it will be vacation time for me! Finally!

Motivation Monday #1

It’s been quite a busy week and I have rarely found time to sit and write long posts.

So, I decided to start this new project, which is to collect some pictures of the past few days and create a motivational post.

The first one is all about my boyfriend’s cats, Emma and Sky.

They’re so lovely and funny. And they look great in pictures!

IMG_5494 IMG_5485 IMG_4801 IMG_5504