Never Finished Books

In my life I’ve started loads of books, but a couple are still unfinished.

These three are all pretty recent, but I haven’t still made it over half of the book.


Ansichten eines Clowns, in English The Clown, is a novel by Heinrich Böll, one of my favourite German writers. I found the book in a second-hand book fair, in Italian, for less than 5€. There are still 100 pages left, but I forgot about it because of school exams. I should finish it, I really liked Böll’s style!

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was bought a year ago, when a publisher created a series of very cheap classics. I have read half of the first chapter. I should start it again, I guess.

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl caught my eyes two or three years ago, but I just read two chapters. It was thrilling, but I was distracted by Notre-Dame de Paris.

Have you got any book that you haven’t finished yet? Are you, like me, planning to finish them?