Monday Breakfast #11

I should really wash my brushes, but I feel like I’m not 100% sure my soul wants it. I’m feeling lazy and perhaps I need a bit more motivation. My undergraduate paper is being written, but it’s so hard to find the necessary information. I feel as if my energy is getting lost.

I need a break. Easter is near, hopefully!


February Most Played

February has been a shorter month than usual, but I’ve worn a lot of makeup. (You won’t see any skincare product, because there will be a specific post on that)FebMP

Base-wise, I wore everyday Maybelline’s Nude Magique Eau de Teint in 120 – Pure Ivory (around 12€) , I have to admit, I love its texture, and to cover the blemishes after this light foundation I used Illamasqua’s Under-Eye Concealer in 200 (17.30€). It’s a bit too creamy, but it sets easily with powder.febMP1

My brows were tamed by Catrice’s Eye Brow Stylist in 120 – Don’t Let Me Brow’n (2.50€), a new staple in my sleepy morning routine. There’s plenty of pencils in my most played this month, and it’s because I wanted my lipstick to actually stay in place. Deborah’s Lipliner in 198 (5.20€) was my to-go lipliner every morning, before a natural lipstick. When I wanted my lips to be bolder I went for Max Factor’s Lip Liner in 12 – Fire (4.99£, but I think Fire is discontinued!), a strawberry red that stays perfectly in place. No words could describe its wonderfulness. Last pencil, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Whiskey (19€), a matte medium brown, was the current eyeliner for my casual, daily look.febMP2

Eye-shadows that work are the ones I use the most, and Urban Decay’s Naked Basics (27.50€) palette will probably appear in every most played for the rest of the times. Really, I can’t imagine how I could blend eye-shadows before my boyfriend bought it for me!

The mascara I’ve used was NYC Big and Bold (3.50€), a volumizing and really black mascara.


Last, but not the least, the two lipsticks that were more frequently on my lips: MAC Cosmo (19€), a MLBB, and Astra’s Gilda (Less than 5€!), a brown-y red.

What are your February Most Played? Let me know in the comments!

Ps: remember to go and check Chiara’s blog!

5 Minutes… Before going to bed


I’m not late. It just took me five more minutes to join the Fellowship of the 5 Minutes tag, a project started by Redditude and Sue, two Italian bloggers that I love and worship. Yes, like I totally worship their style and their pictures.

Well, this tag is about the things you do 5 minutes before/after a specific time. The first one is 5 minutes before going to bed.

My night routine is divided into two parts: first, I take a shower/I took a shower previously at the swimming pool, then as soon as I get home I remove my makeup. But this happens before 9 pm. Just before heading to the soft pillows, I brush my teeth, since mine are especially delicate (hello dentist, I hope you’re reading it!), and I tie my hair back. I don’t sleep with the ponytail, but it’s much handier than loose, straight hair.5minutes3

I then apply Yes To Carrots Nourishing Daily Softening Hand + Elbow Cream, summer and winter, with no exception, because my hands and elbows are the only dry spots of my entire body. My elbows need so much care! 5minutes1


The last step is reading with my Kobo e-reader and texting. Until I fall asleep and the phone/Kobo fall on my face.

Monday Breakfast #10

Spring is coming ahead. You can almost hear those who have allergies preparing their tissues while birds sing.
A very stressful time is waiting for me: I have three important exams this semester and there’s just so much work to do! I feel like I can’t keep the pace, as if I was going to stay behind schedule. Well, I hope it won’t happen!
Do you remember the good intentions you wrote on January 1st? Have you already forgotten them? I bet it’s time to see if you have kept them during these two cold months!

Reading Challenge Update – February

February has not been a highly productive month, book-wise especially. I only finished three of them, and I am reading an awful lot of others, and I kinda get confused about plots and characters and… well, I should read one book at a time.

  1. The Turn of the Shrew – H. James
    I can assure you that I read it, but I still cannot understand the ending. What happened? Did anything happen at all? Is it all a mental vision of a problematic young lady? Are spirits really with us?
    It is surely a good book, well written, but as far as plot is concerned, I still have some doubts.

  2. The Aftermath – R. Brook
    In Italian libraries it is not unusual to find books wrapped up, like presents. You have to pick them up only because of what critics said, which is reported on the wrapping, and on your instinct. I chose this one, a history of love and war. Well, there was a just-finished-but-still-in-our-minds war and there was love. A lot. And in many strange ways, not always explained. It was well-written, but there are some holes and the conclusion leaves you with a bittersweet taste.

  3. Yes Please – A. Poehler
    I loved it! It made me laugh and I felt so emotionally taken that I want to re-read it as soon as possible, because it’s way too wonderful!

I’m a little behind schedule, I guess, but I’m enjoying some good books for the moment. The big ol’ boring 19th centuty books will come soon. Because I like them.

The colour of the month: Red February

What happened to me during the last week? Not much. I simply didn’t have time to sit down and write. It feels so wrong to have so much to do that you have to postpone what you love. Anyway, here I am, now, sitting in front of the computer.

It is time for a “Colour of the Month” post. And it’s going to be, uhm, pretty.

The colour of this month has surely been red. Red lipstick went on my lips everyday, red accents have filled my closet, and the little red heart-shaped necklace was one of my favourites.


It is a pretty obvious colour for February, isn’t it? Well, not for me. If you had seen me just a couple of years ago I would have been totally scared by the idea of wearing red lipstick! And I had a kind of repulsion towards hearts, I mean, before falling in love…

What was your colour?

Older Colours: January

January Favourites

Is it too late to talk about last month’s favourite products? I hope not, because I’m going to right now.


I had to fight against cool weather and snow, so everyday I applied and loved Herborist’s Revitalizing and Firming Day Cream. Its texture is perfect to hydrate my face without leaving it excessively oily. Simple perfection in a bottle.

On my eyes I went for nudes with Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette and Deborah’s Extra Pearly Stick Eyeshadow Waterproof in 04 – Pretty Rose. There’s no need to explain why the Naked Basics palette is among my favourites, but a special mention goes to the Stick Eyeshadow and its colour: a light rose-y brown, extremely shining, able to create an entire look on its own. When I wear it I feel like my eyes are already perfect, they simply need mascara.

Lastly, when I want to feel vampy and, let’s admit it, prettier I go for Kiko Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker in 106 – Apple Red. It’s a dark, plum-y red and it applies easily on the lips. There it stay for at least three hours before starting to vanish. Plus, I’m in love with the colour!

Which products were your favourites during January? Tell me!

Monday Breakfast #9

I wanted this post to be written in the most realistic way. This is why I’m writing it at 6:30 am on a cloudy and cold February morning. The semester starts in two hours and this is actually when I do have breakfast most of the time. Pretty bad, isn’t it?

large (4)

Anyway, let’s start this semester filled with the energy of waking up at 6, after two months of oversleeping!

January Most Played

It’s time to look back at the past month and collect the products that I used the most. This is the first monthly most played, and I hope I’ll be part of the Team Most Played (here Chiara explains everything!).

So, let’s start with the foundation. These products aren’t necessarily my favourites, they just happen to be the ones I reached for the most during the past month. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is currently the product for the base that I hate the most, it leaves my skin extremely oily, and it didn’t happen during summer! Probably my skin is changing, I don’t know, but I want to finish this product as soon as I can and never re-purchase it. One flaw is that it can’t cover my dark circles. I don’t have problematic ones, they appear when I’m tired after studying, and during the exam session it happens often. To avoid being asked whether I’m a panda, I used Kiko Full Coverage Concealer (in the colour 02), which is simply perfect. It stays in place and covers everything, from blemishes to dark circles. You have to try it, even because it blends perfectly! Last, but not the least, is my eye primer, Kiko Eye Base Primer, a matte light primer that evens out the lid and makes your eyes immediately better looking. Sometimes I wear it and a line of eye liner and I’m ready!JANmostplayed1

On my cheeks you could have easily spotted tons of highlighter, but not a single hint of blush. That’s right. This month I wore a lot of Illamasqua’s Gleam in Supernatural because of the natural light it gives to my skin. Its being rosy-gold enhances warm skin tones and I’m really happy to have purchased it. Being on the go most of the month, on my lips I wore usually something both nutrient and good-looking, like L’Oreal Glam Glow in Miss Cherry, a lovely full red, not too orange-y and not too blue, it’s just the perfect balance (I’m wearing it in this post!). It’s a lip balm, so even with the cold and the snow surrounding me, my lips felt immediately better.JANmostplayed3

Eyes-wise I kept my profile low. Neutral colours and long lashes were the key, so Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette (the original one) and NYC Big Bold Mascara were my loyal allies. My problematic eyebrows were tamed by Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in Don’t Let Me Brow’n, a light ashy brown, a little too light for my eyebrows, but the darker colour was too dark for me. It’ll do.JANmostplayed5

Lastly, skin care and lips care. Have I already mentioned the snow and the cold? Yeah? Okay, I’ll talk about them again. My skin being oily, I don’t suffer a lot from dry spots, but in winter it is important to keep it hydrated and Herborist’s Revitalizing and Firmind Day Cream helped a lot. I own a travel size, and I’m afraid it will end before spring. I’ll have to go to Sephora (as if it was bad!). Lips again! This time, a lip butter from Labello (Milk and Honey) I desperately want to finish, because I can’t stand it. I thought it would be hydrating, but it’s simply a superficial one. My lips get dry after a couple of minutes after applying it, so I’m trying to use it at home, while I’m not going out, so as to finish it as quickly as possible. The next one will have a greener formula.  JANmostplayed4 What about your most played? Do we share anything?

Elsa Transformation

Carnival is approaching with its colours and its joy. Here in Italy we tend to fancy dress in this part of the year rather than Halloween. Or, to be honest, we dress up with fancy clothes both during Carnival and Halloween, but we keep the spooky stuff for Halloween and the funny one for February. I used to wear incredible costumes when I was little, and this year I wanted to do something special, something magical…

My most recent obsession isn’t Frozen, but Elsa is still fascinating me. I mean, she has incredible powers, she’s almost a water bender. Wait, headcanon accepted! Anyway, I decided to make my own version of Elsa, but I did both versions, when she’s a scared princess, bound to be queen and totally insecure about what she’s going to face, and the powerful ice queen, fierce and cold, and fashionable.elsa3

From one version to the other I did just some minor adjustments, like the eye and the lips make up, but the base is basically the same. During Let It Go she hasn’t the time to magically re-apply her foundation, let’s be honest! She simply changed some particulars, and we all know it.elsa1


L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint 120
Kiko Colour Correction Concealer Wheel
Illamasqua Under-Eye Concealer 120
Warm pink blush from Fräulein 3°8 Blush Palette
Essence All About Matt! Fixing loose powder
Catrice Eye Brow Stylist 040 Don’t Let Me Brow’n

Kiko Eye Base Primer
Urban Decay Naked Basics original
Avon Smooth Minerals black kajal
Essence Kajal Pencil White
NYC Big Bold Mascara
Essence Pigment 04 Broadway Starlet

L’Oreal Glam Shine 900 Miss Cherry

Let It Go pause for appreciation and make up adjustment.




Illamasqua Gleam in Supernatural

Pupa Vamp! Cream Eyeshadow in Burgundy
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 710 Lilac Del Rey
False Lashes (with no brand, I can’t remember it)
Essence Frame4Fame Lash Glue

More Glam Shine 900!

The first version is more natural and really close to a no-make up make up, because it’s almost impossible to detect any trace of any product, except for the eyes. The only trace of sparkle is a bit of Essence’s pigment over the black eye-shadow to give a royal-ish touch.

The ice queen version is really bolder. I applied the cream eye-shadow directly on what I previously had on and then blended on it an enormous quantity of purple eye-shadow. I then re-applied the black eye-shadow as eye-liner and Illamasqua’s Gleam on the apple of my cheeks. Oh, I obviously added a lot of colour on my lips!

What do you think about this version?
I’d like to thank my friend Monica for the white wig, it was reaaaally helpful!