The Colour of the Month: Aqua Reflections

March is the month of spring. And spring usually means pastels and bright colours. Well, to me it means every shade of blue ever seen on this Earth. And in March it was aqua that was on me most of the times.marchaqua2

I have these beautiful owl earrings, that my mother bought me four or five years ago; I remember I wore them on my first date with my boyfriend, so, they are not the newest addition to my collection.
The purse with the bows is a purchase from last year, and I’ve used it non-stop for the last few months. It’s small, but everything that I need fits perfectly in it.
The tape-dispenser is from Tiger and it’s the cutest thing ever, it gives a touch of colour on my desk.
The nail lacquer from Kiko is from a Limited Edition that came out three years ago, but they have the same shade in the permanent collection (here, in shade 389). I use it every spring, because it’s wonderful and is the perfect transition colour to the brighter polishes of summer.
Lastly, the shirt is another gift from my mom. It’s lose and airy, and the lace details on the sleeves are lovely. I keep on wearing it!

What was the colour of your March? I want to know!marchaqua1

Handmade Easter – Candles in the Grass

Hello everyone! This post is going to be bilingual, so if you speak Italian, you can read below!

Today’s post is part of a collaboration of a group of 40 bloggers and crafters from The Creative Factory. We are all somehow interested in handmade projects and we do the most different things with our little, tiny, creative hands.

Easter is approaching, it’s less than a week away. I have been taught that Easter is the celebration of light and life, so I decided to fuse those things together and what came out of my mind was “Easter candles!”. We all know that candles remind everyone of Christmas and winter and fireplace lit, where you can relax and read, but Easter is a perfect moment for candles too.
It was also the occasion for the creation of a present for one of my friends, whose birthday was a week ago.

How do we create these Easter Candles?
First of all, we take – candles, of the length and shape you prefer;
– a hairdryer;
– different tissue napkins;

All you have to do is cutting out of the napkins the shapes you like (I chose flowers) or you cut the napkins so as to cover the whole candle. And this is the simple part. Then, you have to switch you dryer on and wait until the heat melts the wax of the candles, working as glue for the napkins we positioned on it. It takes a while (for the wholly covered candle it took me 40 minutes), so you can watch your favourite TV show in the meanwhile.

Isn’t this easy and cute?

The candles, the purple napkin, and the grass-y basket are from Tiger, if you are interested!
Happy Easter (in advance!)


(Italian Version!)

Ciao a tutti!

Il post di oggi è parte di una collaborazione fra 40 blogger del gruppo The Creative Factory. Siamo tutte, in diversa maniera, interessate ai progetti fatti a mano e facciamo le cose più diverse con le nostre piccole, creative manine.

La Pasqua si avvicina, è a meno di una settimana. Mi è stato insegnato che Pasqua è la festività della luce e della vita, quindi ho deciso di unire entrambe le cose e quello che la mia mente ha prodotto è stato “Candele pasquali!” (con un tocco primaverile). Sappiamo tutti che le candele ricordano il Natale, l’inverno e il caminetto acceso, davanti al quale ci si rilassa o si legge, ma anche Pasqua può essere il momento perfetto per le candele.

È stata anche l’occasione per creare il regalo per una mia amica, il cui compleanno era la scorsa settimana.

Ma come facciamo queste candele pasquali?

Prima di tutto, prendiamo – candele, della forma e lunghezza che preferiamo;
– un asciugacapelli;
– diversi tovaglioli;
– forbicicandles2

Tutto quello che dobbiamo fare è tagliare dai tovaglioli i motivi e le forme che preferiamo (io ho scelto i fiori) oppure tagliare il tovagliolo in modo da ricoprire totalmente la candela. E questa è la parte semplice. Dopodiché, accendiamo l’asciugacapelli e aspettiamo fino a che il calore non fa sciogliere la cera della candela, che funziona da colla per I tovaglioli che abbiamo disposto su essa. È un procedimento abbastanza lungo (per la candela ricoperta totalmente ho impiegato 40 minuti), quindi potete guardare un episodio della vostra serie TV preferita nel frattempo.

Non sono semplicissime da fare e carinissime?

Le candele, i tovaglioli viola e il cestino con l’erba li ho presi da Tiger, se vi interessasse.
Buona Pasqua (in anticipo!)candles3

Handmade Easter by The Creative Factory

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4 – Wrap it up

When it comes to create the packages for gifts, my expression is usually a very excited one.

When I was little I loved to look at my mother wrapping presents, it looked like magic to me. Especially when it came to ribbons and decorations.

This year I bought something that could help me in this incredibly important task, because a good presentation of a gift is equally important as the gift self (perhaps it’s because my home-made gifts didn’t turn out exactly as I expected them).ribbons

There are some washi tape from Tiger, some plain decorated ribbons (I adore them!) and some other decorated tape from Lidl.
I’m happy with the whole variety I’ve got, I feel rich in decoration ideas!


How do you decorate your gifts?

Back to School – Step One: Notebooks

Four days ’till university begins. Again. Third year, three yet to come, two degrees to come, lots of exams to pass. Five, for the moment.

I’m starting this year with a different attitude towards study. I’m getting more and more organised and I can easily manage multiple reading (I mean, we all must read so many books, like three at a time).Petals

I bought from Amazon a Filofax Pocket with some big, red flowers on it (you can find it here, on, where I bought it from, or here, from, provided with 2014 and 2015 refills. It’s small, very small, and very useful. It’s light and goes in any bag I own, even the summer-y ones, those little purses where your cellphone does not perfectly fit.


From Tiger I got those wonderful notebooks with stunning patterns on them. To be honest, my favourite is the Periodic Table one. It’s just so funny and still very scientific, not so much hipster-y and still cool.

I bought pens, pencils, highlighters and so forth. I still have to buy transit pass. So annoying.